Welcome to KIDZ TOWN, a role-play town, exclusively designed and built for children up to 9 years old .

KIDZ TOWN is a town like no other, completely dedicated to gentle imaginative role-play, where young imaginations run wild and creative role-play fun builds confidence and self esteem. The kids experience interaction, learn social skills and gain an introduction to decision making in a fun filled environment. This is so essential, especially at an early age and learning through play supports many aspects of the pre-school and primary school curriculum.


 KIDZ TOWN is a family owned and run business spanning four generations. 

Jennifer has many years experience in hospitality management and Jill is a fully qualified dietitian working in the NHS. With five kids between them, they have spent many hours enduring the rough and tumble of soft play centres and trampoline parks, but they are now ready to introduce their new business which will be 100% focused on gentle imaginative role-play, where they hope that parents and carers can relax and enjoy what’s on offer in Kidzy’s Kitchen whilst watching their children act out different role-play scenarios through the large window looking into the Town itself.

Jill’s husband is Project Manager and has been responsible for the building of the role-play TOWN and also the development and creation of all the other areas within KIDZ TOWN. Moving forward, he will also ensure that the high standards of workmanship are maintained throughout the years to come.

Jennifer’s husband Billy, who is also Jill’s dad, has used his years of business experience to ensure that the pre and post launch marketing plan is in place to increase the awareness of KIDZ TOWN to the general consumer.

Last but certainly not least are Jennifer’s parents. Donald has been actively supporting Ross with the building and development work within KIDZ TOWN and along with Linda they assist in the maintenance and continual creation of new play areas . 

It is our aim to ensure that KIDZ TOWN becomes one of the most favourite places for all kids, parents and carers alike, to visit time and time again!!